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CISA Ransomware Alert System Launch

Ransomware is a growing threat that continues to plague susceptible individuals and organizations at an alarming rate. CISA, the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Administration, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security, has recognized this critical trend and has developed a ransomware alert system.

What is Ransomware?

As explained in our blog post on Ransomware and Malware, cybercriminals take hostage control of vulnerable accounts, usually using email as their point of entry, and then require the account owners to pay exorbitant fees to release their accounts and restore access to their information. This capability to hold accounts for ransom puts account holders' private information, intellectual properties, and financial assets at substantial risk. Cybercriminal access can be inadvertently granted simply by clicking a link in a phishing email you receive or allowing your organizational network to operate without adequate system protections in place.

CISA Launches Ransomware Alert System Pilot

The current administration has called ransomware a national security as well as public safety threat. CISA has initiated a pilot test program to screen for known systemic weaknesses in critical infrastructure. The pilot launched on January 30 and has informed more than 90 organizations with noted vulnerabilities. Read more about CISA's Ransomware Pilot Assessment on Cyberscoop.

Gold Comet Prevents Ransomware Attacks

Gold Comet's driving focus is the protection of information privacy - working to ensure that your messaging, intellectual properties, and other proprietary information remain private and protected. Gold Comet is building additional protections into our solutions, newly including the integration of quantum-secure technology. Gold Comet's products are now backed by six patents, offering superior protection from ransomware and other cyber threats.


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