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IN THE NEWS: Cybersecurity Attacks and Information Breach - June 2024 (CyberWire)

Cybercrime continues to plague our cyber network communications and functionality with increasingly sophisticated methods aimed at a wide array of individual, business, government, national, and international targets.



Many of us live our lives from day to day, fully dependent on our IoT devices, freely enjoying the use of downloaded apps made by enterprises we know and many that we don’t, sharing private information and our immediate whereabouts openly on social media, failing to govern our use of popular email platforms to mitigate risk.


Do you set privacy controls on your accounts and monitor their status? Do you check to see if those controls are still as you set them after platform updates?


Many of us assume safety, rather than implement safety, never worrying about an information breach until it happens. And by then, it’s too late.


Let the damage control begin.


But cyber damage control is like having opened a feather pillow in the wind. You may manage to restuff the pillow – after a lot of running and chasing – but you’ll never be able to retrieve all those feathers. Many of those feathers – your data elements, in this analogy – will drift to places unknown, to be picked up and exploited by whoever finds them.


Companies large and small are not exempt either. We hear about major corporate breaches every day in the news. But did you know that about 40% of the small businesses that suffer a data breach never recover? That’s nearly half! At Gold Comet, we’re always discouraged when we hear of an organization suffering an information breach, especially when it’s one we could have helped to prevent.



Information Breach


Take the time to educate yourself about how information is breached and exploited.


Here’s one great resource we’d like to share for learning and staying informed about cybersecurity today:  The CyberWire Podcast, hosted by one of CyberWire’s co-founders, Dave Bittner.


Some of the intel briefing topics covered in the June 21, 2024, CyberWire Podcast episode include:


  • Kaspersky Banned in the U.S.

  • Recent Accenture Breach – Exaggerated?

  • SneakyChef Targeting Foreign Affairs and Embassy Diplomats

  • CDK Global Car Dealership Cyberattacks

  • CISA Potential Data Breach

  • Intel CPU Firmware Flaw

  • And more …



And check out more cybersecurity podcasts you might enjoy.


At Gold Comet, we’re paying close attention to what’s happening in the cyber world and, through the resilient data storage platform we’ve designed and patented, and the articles we post in this blog, we seek to keep your data protected and keep you informed about the amazing advantages new cyber technology developments have to offer as well as what’s happening on the dark side of cyber.


Because cybercrime never sleeps. You can be a target.


Taking a Zero-Trust approach to cybersecurity will go a long way toward preventing a cyberattack from claiming you or your enterprise as its next victim.


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