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Gold Comet™ Solutions
for Enterprise

The Gold Comet™ Enterprise Solution is a quantum-secure, zero-trust data storage, data sharing, and messaging platform for collaborative work, protected within the Gold Comet Secure Cloud.




Gold Comet works on all devices, making it easy to store and share data securely from any location. 

Gold Comet protects your data at rest and in transit, helping you secure your most valuable information.



Gold Comet is easy to use with

its integrated messaging system for secure communications.

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Welcome to Gold Comet™ for Enterprise!


We specialize in providing top-tier DSPM solutions for information privacy, quantum -integrated data storage, data sharing, and communication via messaging. Our mission is to empower organizations with the most advanced tools to safeguard their sensitive data against emerging cyber threats.
Trust our experts with your
data storage needs.

We understand the critical importance of protecting your data in an era marked by rapid technological advancements and evolving cyber threats. Traditional encryption methods are becoming increasingly vulnerable. That's why we've pioneered quantum-integrated solutions, to ensure your data remains impenetrable, both now and in the future.


Solution Details
Data Sharing

The Gold Comet™ patented Secure Data Storage platform maintains and processes all data operations within our encrypted servers where the data can only be accessed by you, the authorized user. No one else has access to your data storage unless you grant it via privileged access management (PAM) or whitelisting.

At the enterprise level, Gold Comet™ Secure Data Storage can accommodate your internal corporate files as well as customer data storage. Gold Comet™ Secure Data Storage is based on our advanced and patented Object Level Encryption process which assigns each encrypted file its own unique key.


This unmatched technology ensures the ultra-security of your stored data.  Our state-of-the-art platform utilizes quantum technology to ensure that your data remains protected at all times. Whether you're storing sensitive documents, intellectual property, or customer information, you can rest assured that your data will remain safe from prying eyes.

Secure Data Storage

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Data Storage


Gold Comet provides secure data storage for enteprise CMMC application records, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), and other

sensitive/proprietary customer data.

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Use Cases

Healthcare Enterprise Support

Safeguarding patient information is essential for healthcare agencies. With the increasing reliance on electronic health records (EHRs) and the proliferation of cyber threats, ensuring data privacy and security has become non-negotiable. That's where Gold Comet steps in, offering comprehensive information privacy and secure data storage support tailored specifically for the healthcare industry.


Healthcare agencies handle sensitive data daily, including medical records, billing information, and personally Identifiable information (PII) details. Any breach of this data not only violates patient trust but can also carry severe legal and financial consequences. Our services provide state-of-the-art encryption, multi-layered security protocols, and continuous monitoring to mitigate risks and prevent unauthorized access.


Moreover, compliance with regulations such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is mandatory for healthcare organizations. Our solutions not only meet but exceed these stringent requirements, ensuring full adherence to industry standards and regulations.


Beyond regulatory compliance, prioritizing data security demonstrates a commitment to patient care and trust. By safeguarding sensitive information, healthcare agencies foster a culture of confidentiality and integrity, enhancing patient satisfaction and loyalty.


In today's interconnected world, the importance of secure data storage cannot be overstated. Partner with Gold Comet today to fortify your data defenses and uphold the highest standards of patient privacy in the healthcare industry.

Join our resource Library to download our free whitepaper(s) on cyberscurity in healthcare.

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Zero Trust


Zero Trust Model - foundational to Gold Comet's quantum secure data storage, data sharing, and messaging platform.

Gold Comet™ was designed and built upon the Zero Trust Architecture Model. Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) is a cybersecurity framework that operates on the principle of never trusting, always verifying. In ZTA, every user, device, and application attempting to access the network is treated as a potential threat, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the perimeter.


This approach emphasizes strict access controls, continuous authentication, and granular authorization to mitigate the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.


By adopting ZTA, organizations can enhance their cybersecurity posture, protect sensitive information, and comply with regulatory requirements such as CMMC, while also mitigating risks associated with cyberterrorism, social engineering, and other emerging threats.

Our Zero Trust architecture includes:

  • User Authentication

  • Dynamic Encryption Algorithm

  • Key Management and Data Storage

  • Collaborative Data Sharing

  • Secure Audit Controls

  • Multiple Integrity Administration

  • Whitelisted Communications

This site page provides a summary of the multiple PATENTS awarded to Gold Comet as a result of our pioneering work in DSPM to provide unmatched information privacy protection for government and industry. 



A system and method for sharing an encrypted file stored on a cloud server is disclosed. In  certain embodiments, the method includes generating a file key associated with the encrypted file stored in the cloud server; generating a share message, the share message including the generated file key, and identifying a recipient user and the encrypted file stored in the cloud server; encrypting the file key using an identification key of the recipient user to  generate a share key; storing the share key in the cloud server; notifying the recipient user of the encrypted file and share key stored on the cloud server; retrieving the encrypted file and the share key from the cloud server; decrypting the share key using the identification key of the recipient user to reconstruct the file key; and using the reconstructed file key to decrypt the encrypted file.


The present invention provides a method and system for securing a digital data stream. The first key of the first asymmetric key pair from a key store remote from a host node is received at the host node. A dynamically generated key is received at the host node, which is used to encipher the digital data stream. The dynamically generated key is enciphered with the first key of the first asymmetric key pair. The enciphered digital data stream and the enciphered dynamically generated key are stored remotely from the host node and the key store.

US11140173B2 & US11575681B2

Disclosed is a system and method for providing secure access control to an electronic network or device.  By limiting the ability of a single administrator to act unilaterally without the agreement and /or notification of further system administrators, the data integrity and security of stored data, such as email accounts, may be enhanced and risk of compromise ameliorated.  By permitting multiple administrators acting in a concert of action to access stored data, such as without notification of the email account holder, potential misconduct by email account holders may be audited.


A method for securing access to an account of a user, the method comprising: storing an access feature for authenticating the user to access the account in a credential database, the access feature comprising a first credential including an original password to the account set by the user and a universal reset credential; during a reset of the account, resetting, by a system administrator of the account, who is not the user, the access feature to the universal reset credential without any input from the user; preventing the system administrator of the account from changing the original password included in the first credential in response to detecting that the universal reset credential has been set; preventing the system administrator of the account from changing the universal reset credential; preventing the system administrator from changing the universal reset credential to the first credential in response to detecting that the account has been reset; and preventing use of the first credential of the access feature, after the resetting the first credential in the credential database to the universal reset credential, wherein the system administrator is restricted to resetting the access feature to the universal reset credential.

Patent Info


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