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Cybercrimes: How Access to Your Data Can Start with a Simple Email

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

The most convenient, widely used, and user-friendly tool for business and personal interaction is email – but are you aware just how valuable and how vulnerable your email system is? Do you know that your email system is also the weakest link in your communication process and the first point of attack for cybercriminals attempting to infiltrate your system and breach your privacy?

Research shows that over 90% of cybersecurity attacks begin with one simple email.

The main objectives of that simple email are: 1) to convince you they are from a known legitimate source and 2) to arouse your fear or anxiety to quickly resolve the implied threat by clicking the link provided. As technology develops, cybercriminals are getting better at conveying legitimacy and they’re reaping millions in benefits from the people they successfully scam.

According to CIOReview Magazine, 65% of US businesses become victims of cybercrimes. These attacks can lead to smaller businesses actually having to cease operations within six months of their attack. Most of these attacks are initiated by one simple email with one malicious link. Cybercriminals typically use an email as the first point of contact in their efforts to gain access and bankrupt an account of its funds or extract or lock data that they can then hold for ransom payment. Targeted data can range from patents, trademarks, intellectual property documents, and financial/investment data to private healthcare records, personal emails, and system passwords. The list of resources that cybercriminals seek to compromise continues to expand. But there is a solution.

Gold Comet Secure Messaging Solution.

Gold Comet has developed a patented secure email system that is all housed within the Gold Comet Secure Cloud.

Gold Comet scans each and every outgoing message and all attachments before they are encrypted and sent. The system also scans any incoming messages and attachments the same way. Each and every file that is uploaded to the secure system goes through the same rigorous scanning and encryption process.

With Gold Comet, your stored and shared files, and your messages are better protected. Peace of mind can be yours. Learn more about Gold Comet Quantum-Secure Data Storage, Data Sharing, and Messaging today and how you can begin to protect your personal and business data and financial assets from cybercriminals.


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