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Health Technology: Building a Secure and Resilient Infrastructure

Healthcare organizations rely heavily on technology to provide quality care, manage patient records, and streamline operations. However, the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and the continuously increasing sophistication of cyber threats demand continuous improvements to technology infrastructure.

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Secure and Resilient Infrastructure


Organizations must utilize programs and platforms for internal requirements to maintain the maximum level of resistance against cyber treats and to maintain the highest tier of public and private sector regulatory compliance.  This post serves as introduction to the foundation for understanding the critical importance of updating and modernizing the technology infrastructure in small to medium sized healthcare facilities, which we define as either less than 2350 patients, or less than $15M in revenue.


The overarching objectives of modernizing and updating a healthcare system are establishing strong and secure protocols and a resilient infrastructure. A secure and resilient network infrastructure is essential for the seamless operation of healthcare facilities. This involves enhancing network architecture to improve reliability and performance. Redundancy and failover mechanisms should be integrated to ensure that network services remain available even in the face of network failures.


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