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Gold Comet Differentiators - 5 Great Reasons to Get Gold Comet Today

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

The Gold Comet Solution offers a powerful trifecta of services - Secure Messaging, Secure File Storage, and Secure File Sharing - forming triple threat protection against intrusion from bad actors. In addition, Gold Comet is pleased to announce that quantum-secure technology is being integrated with our already unmatched solution!

5 Gold Comet Differentiators

What are the top differentiating factors that set the Gold Comet Solution apart from other commercial offerings?

  1. First of all, Gold Comet's encryption process is different from others on the market in that each individual piece of data transmitted is assigned its own separate encryption key. Other systems assign one key to an entire account and therefore, once that one key is breached, all data in the account becomes vulnerable.

  2. Secondly, logging in to the Gold Comet system requires passing through a multi-factor authentication process. The more authentication steps required to enter a system, the more difficult it becomes for bad actors to penetrate.

  3. Once successfully logged in, your activities are securely protected within the Gold Comet Secure Cloud. Your data is never exposed on the open Internet and left to bounce around between unprotected servers where they can be intercepted by bad actors.

  4. Your communications are protected from the growing prevalence of phishing scams, ransomware, and other types of malware that are plaguing Internet communications today. The only people who can contact you within Gold Comet are those that are on your approved whitelist - and you must also be on your contacts' whitelists - so bad actor scams never even reach your inbox.

  5. Most exciting of all, Gold Comet is integrating quantum-secure technology which will add maximum resilience to the channel through which your data flows within Gold Comet's Secure Cloud environment. This technology is a game-changer for the Gold Comet Solution and for you!

Sign Up for a Gold Comet Account Today!

Those are just five of the most compelling reasons to sign up today for a Gold Comet account - but the long-term benefits certainly don't stop there! You can set up your own personal network, an extended business network, or contact us to discuss pricing for an enterprise installation. We look forward to serving your information privacy needs and giving you the peace of mind that you have the best messaging and file transmission and storage system available today. And that peace of mind, you'll soon discover, is priceless.


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