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LinkedIn Webinar on Cybersecurity Vulnerability - Register Today!

Attention CEOs, Senior Managers, and Cyber/IT Decision Makers:

The increasing number of companies facing data breaches and ransomware/malware attacks is an indication that companies are taking their security strength for granted and failing to implement security postures that will prevent financial loss from system remediation and restoration fees – which can be crippling.

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In this webinar, Gold Comet's CEO, John T. Hardenbergh, will bring awareness to this issue with interactive participation from other CEOs/Senior Managers regarding cyber vulnerability and its impact on corporate bottom lines.

This webinar will cover:

  • Impacts of cybersecurity vulnerability.

  • How to assess security beyond basic assumptions.

  • Best practices to mitigate system intrusion and data loss.

Gold Comet cordially invites you to participate in this upcoming webinar/discussion on cyber vulnerability and how it affects your bottom line! Sign up today!


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