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Cybercriminal Activity in the News

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

We have posted several articles on our blog about the importance of establishing security protocols for your enterprise system. In case you missed them, here are a few informative posts:

Cybercriminals are both daring and determined to steal your data and will patiently search for any open vulnerability they can find. Even major corporations that can afford high-level security controls, can suffer data breaches because, as we’ve learned, a simple phishing email can bring your entire system down.

The threat is real. Any time. Any company. When, not if.

Cases In Point: Recent Cybersecurity Breaches

Following are 13 articles about companies impacted by cybercrimes in the last year:

1. From CNN Reporting on Microsoft Exchange: Email vulnerabilities impact 30000 US organizations:

2. From Reuters Reporting on JBS USA Holdings Inc: Some operations halted due to cyberattack:

3. The Wall Street Journal Reporting on Colonial Pipeline: Hackers collected $90M in Bitcoin:

4. CNN Reporting on T-Mobile: More than 40M affected by data breach:

5. BBC Reporting on Kaseya Software: Companies worldwide targeted by ransomware attacks:

6. CNBC Reporting on SolarWinds: “Largest and most sophisticated attack” ever:

7. New York Times Reporting on Electronic Arts: Cyberattack by hackers to steal data:

8. CNN Reporting on CNA Financial: $40M ransomware fee paid to attackers:

9. CNN Reporting on JBS: All JBS US beef plants shut down by cyberattack:

10. The Verge Reporting on Electronic Arts: Game source code and tools stolen by hackers:

11. CNBC Reporting on Colonial Pipeline: Critical infrastructure vulnerabilities exposed by ransomware attack:

12. ZDNET Reporting on Carnival Cruise Line: Guests, employees, and crew impacted by data breach:

13. Reuters Reporting on EA: Data stolen including source code for FIFA 21 soccer game:

The Gold Comet Quantum-Secure Solution

Discouraging to see so many organizations affected by cybercriminal activity. But the good news is that many of these situations could have been avoided with a Gold Comet Quantum-Secure Solution in place. Gold Comet’s solution includes quantum-secure file storage, file sharing, and file messaging, all housed and processed within the Gold Comet Secure Cloud. To find out more about how Gold Comet can assist you in protecting your business enterprise data, please contact us at


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