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Cloud Computing Security: Data Protection and Gold Comet's Secure Cloud

Cloud computing has taken information processing and massive data storage to cyberspace where there’s infinite room to collaborate and store files. More and more businesses are opting to store their information “in the cloud” and save themselves the cost of expensive physical equipment, software, analytics, and maintenance.

Cloud Computing – What Is It?

Cloud computing refers to the process by which communications, network resources, and data services are provided over the Internet, offering faster access to files from remotely accessible databases and servers using intelligent software and analytics. Use of cloud computing services provides a flexible virtual option, accessible from anywhere 24/7, and saves businesses thousands of dollars on physical hardware, expensive software and updates, maintenance and repairs, and other factors inherent to massive data storage and usage. Public clouds are storage services offered by third-party providers using their own equipment and resources to provide customers with access to their data. Within a public cloud, multiple users can access their files and storage independently of other users while private clouds are generally owned and operated by an individual agency and maintained on an isolated network. Some cloud systems are a combination of the two, owned by the agency but with cloud management outsourced to a service provider.

Cloud Computing – Is it Safe?

In general terms, cloud computing involves the use and storage of data within the Internet-accessible shared environment of physical servers or a high-speed storage area network of multiple customers. Public cloud security is therefore a legitimate concern for most users – it can be challenging to trust the integrity of a system when you’re not the one maintaining it on a daily basis, and perhaps not made immediately aware when things go wrong. To address security, cloud service providers offer a number of applications, services, and various operational tools, making it incumbent upon their customers to implement their own security protocols within the acceptance of a shared responsibility for secure practices and structure among all users. All users must implement strong standard operating procedures governing secure system use, thus contributing to the overall safety of the network and minimizing negative impact on other cloud users. But you can’t count on all users to be as conscientious about security protocols as you are.

The Best Cloud Solution: Gold Comet’s Secure Cloud

The Gold Comet Secure Cloud system is private, US-based, fully encrypted, and completely self-contained. There is no risk of data exposure because Gold Comet’s system does not transfer information between disparate servers on the Internet and around the world where files can be left behind or become vulnerable to interception. Following is a diagram that illustrates how Gold Comet’s secure system works.

The driving objective of our patented system is to prevent cybercriminal intrusion. All transmissions of data are housed within Gold Comet’s Secure Cloud and never cross its barrier into the Internet. Gold Comet’s Secure Messaging, Secure File Storage, and Secure File Sharing all work within this cloud system, ensuring protected information exchange and collaboration within our private encrypted, penetration-tested environment.

For more information on Gold Comet’s Secure Cloud system, please complete the Contact Form on our website and a representative will reach out to you.


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