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Can Video Games be Hacked?

Consumers think, they’re just video games – fun digital entertainment – what could be the harm in that? But, yes, video games can indeed be hacked!

Cybercriminals can use video games to gain easy access to personal information or to spread malware throughout a vulnerable home network, which tends to have less security controls in place than a business enterprise.

playing video game with controller by sam-pak-X6QffKLwyoQ-unsplash

For example, cybercriminals can use video games to open access by coding malware into fake versions of popular games. When users download these fake game versions, they unknowingly install malware on their devices. Children playing games with consoles that can be used to communicate with other gamers can provide concerning access by nefarious actors to whom they may provide personal information.

Cybercriminals can also use video games is by exploiting known vulnerabilities in the game’s code, using these vulnerabilities as attack vectors to gain access to personal information or to spread malware throughout the host system.

To mitigate these intrusions, game developers should ensure that their games are secure and free from vulnerabilities and to patch any weaknesses as soon as they are discovered. They should also educate users about the risks associated with downloading and playing fake versions of popular games.

Users should be encouraged to only download games from reputable sources and to keep their devices up to date with the latest security patches. Users should also be careful about inputting personally identifiable information (PII) in game and account profiles that can be used for unlawful tracking and other nefarious purposes.

Meanwhile, Gold Comet is not playing games.

In fact, we’re changing the cybersecurity game. We take data protection seriously and recognize both the value of personal and proprietary information and the dangers of bad actor system access.

The Gold Comet™ Quantum-Secure Solution provides an advanced object level encrypted platform for the safe storage of data, data sharing, and messaging and collaboration between authorized parties only, all processed within the Gold Comet™ Secure Cloud environment.

For more information on our game-changing patented platform, please contact us at, or send us a message via our Contact Form. We will quickly respond and help you get your network quantum-secure.


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