What Is End To End Encryption (E2EE)?

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End to end encryption (E2EE) is an extremely good way to ensure that online communications remain private and secure. When users encrypt emails from both sides of a conversation, it prevents parties in the middle from being able to view the information. In the past, E2EE was mostly utilized by tech savvy companies, due to the complicated set up process. The good news is that the technology has become much easier to implement. 

How Does End To End Email Encryption Work?

In order to best describe how end to end encryption works, let’s use a real life example. Fred wants to send Jodi a private email communication. Jodi’s email system has both a public and a private key. She can share the public key with whomever she wishes. However, only Jodi possesses the private encryption key.  
Fred will use Jodi’s public key to encrypt his message, which will turn it into a ciphertext, a grouping of random and scrambled characters. As Fred sends his message over the public internet, it will travel through a number of servers, including those of his email and internet providers. 
If anyone tries to read the message during its journey, they will be unable to, due to the unintelligible ciphertext characters. Only Jodi’s private key can turn the message back into readable text. When she replies to Fred, the process will be repeated on the way back to him.     

The Advantages Of End To End Encryption

There are a number of distinct advantages of utilizing end to end encryption technology:
Freedom From Hacks - E2EE provides you with the peace of mind that nobody other than your intended recipients will have access to your messages. Even if hackers are successful in gaining access into the servers that your email is passing through, they still will be unable to convert your information into readable text. They would need the one thing that they don’t have – the private encryption key.

Complete Privacy - Even if you use a public email service from the major providers, such as Yahoo or Google, your message will still remain secure and unintelligible to outside parties. You have complete control over who reads your messages.

It's Patriotic - End to end encryption technology supports the timeless principles of privacy and free speech. Everyone is entitled to the right of privacy and E2EE gives all users the ability to exercise that right.
At the dawn of the internet age, some 25 years ago, it was a much more innocent time in history. The amount of cyber fraud going on back then was negligible, compared to the enormous problem that exists today. Manufacturers of cyber security products and services will have to constantly stay a few steps ahead of their criminal adversaries, in order to keep online security technology adequate enough to fend off those who wish to do us harm. Without a concerted effort to do so, the bad guys will gain an advantage.  
When it comes to sending messages between parties on the web, end to end encryption is a great tool with regard to keeping communications private and secure especially when it comes to email privacy. The use of the public/private encryption key system has proven to be very effective in warding off attacks, even when public email providers and servers are being utilized. E2EE removes the threat of an intermediary intercepting messages and reading them. As the knowledge and skill sets of cyber criminals improve with each passing year, those providing E2EE services will need to remain ever vigilant to ensure that attackers do not figure out how to decrypt messages during the journey from one person to another.   
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