What Is Encrypted Email?

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At the dawn of the internet age, not many people were concerned about online security because the threat barely existed. However, as the decades have passed, billions of dollars have been spent developing technology designed to protect our privacy and important information from being stolen on the internet.

Email has become a hugely popular method of communication in the modern world and its wide spread use will continue to grow in the coming years. Cyber criminals regularly target email communications, as it often contains an enormous amount of valuable information about people and corporations.

Encrypting email is the process of securing communications in such a way that only the sender and intended receiver can access the information. In the same way that a locked front door protects a home from being robbed, encryption technology prevents cyber bad guys from accessing information that could be used to commit crimes or exploit confidential data.

How To Encrypt Mail?

The most effective way to protect sensitive information found in email communications today is to implement an encryption strategy. Encryption is essentially founded on the concept of scrambling, whereby information in email messages is made unreadable and unintelligible, until it can be restored back by authorized users.

Much like the door of a locked car, encryption technology will only release information to users if they have the correct key. Both the sender and receiver of an email must have the proper credentials (key) in order for the encryption system to convert information back into an understandable language.   

Encryption technology has been very successful over the years in keeping email systems secure. However, companies that offer such services must always be proactively updating and enhancing their products, in order to keep up with the advancements of cyber criminals and their ability to defeat email system protections.

How We Can Help?

The highly knowledgeable team at Gold Comet have many years of real world experience in combating email security breaches and have developed a cutting edge product that will not only meet your email security needs today, but also well into the future. Our patented encryption system utilizes the most sophisticated technology available to guard against email systems being attacked by cyber criminals.  

Gold Comet’s encryption solution is browser based, which makes it extremely simple to be accessed from any device, while remaining completely secure.  With Gold Comet, email system information never leaves our highly secure servers, even when communicating with outside parties. Contact us today to learn more about how Gold Comet can start to protect your company’s critical email system from attacks right away.

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How it Works

Gold Comet Messaging is based on a patented process that assigns each encrypted message its own unique key pair. This single use, unique key pair ensures the highest level of security for your messages. All communications and attachments are encrypted at rest and in transit.

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