What Is Data Centric Security?

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Information Centric Security

Data centric security focuses on safeguarding a company’s actual information, instead of the traditional approach of protecting servers, networks and applications. This field is rapidly growing into its own dedicated industry, as more corporations depend on digital information to operate their businesses. With data centric security, the emphasis is on protecting information, not the platform on which it is stored. 

Why Data Security Is Important

In today’s digital world, securing your corporate data is critical. An effective database security program prevents proprietary information from being lost, stolen or compromised. A breach of data security can have disastrous consequences for companies regardless of size and industry. 

Defining A Data Centric Security Strategy

Building an adequate data centric security program requires a change of corporate culture, away from the traditional focus of protecting where the data lives, versus the information itself.  While it is still critical to find solutions for network and server security, just as much attention needs to be paid to safeguarding a company’s actual data. 
Here are some of the key elements involved in implementing an effective, data centric security program.

Transparent Data Encryption

This method actually protects data by encrypting the database files, instead of the actual data. This strategy will prevent hackers from copying information to an alternative server. With transparent data encryption, only those possessing an original encryption certificate and a master key can open the files.

Strong Permission Controls

By closely monitoring the permission process by which users have access to cryptographic keys, the risk of data theft or misuse taking place can be greatly minimized. Limiting the amount of users with data entry points will play a big role in the prevention of breaches.|
Application Encryption by Layer
This strategy can provide a very high level of security, as it is executed in the higher end of a software stack. This method will protect data while both in motion and at rest.
Tight Management of Encryption Keys
All data security solutions that utilize cryptography need to incorporate an aggressive key management system. There should also be a demonstrable separation of powers between those implementing data protection and the people tasked with overseeing the key management process.
Traditionally, cyber security was centered around protecting the networks or servers on which data was stored. This kind of conventional approach rested on the principle that if the eggshell was safe, then the contents inside of it would be protected from harm as well. Companies today must still invest in effective network security programs, but data has become far too important to just rely on this single approach. As more businesses rely on their confidential information to make critical decisions, there will be an increasingly urgent need to ensure that private data does not get into the wrong hands. Implementing an effective data
centric security program will prove to have a significant return on investment.


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