What is a Malware Attack & How Do You Prevent It?

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Malware attacks are one of the most common hinderances to personal and business cybersecurity systems. A shortened term for “malicious software,” malware causes damage in various forms and can be can have devastating consequences, from data losses to operational delays. In this article, we’ll show you how to develop functional security strategies and prevent malware infiltration.

Types of Malware

There are several different types of malware and each present their own problems to private users and companies.


‚ÄčA commonly misused term for malware as a whole, a virus latches onto files, documents or other items and “infects” or modifies them. The virus then spreads with every user action.


One of the most popular malware types, trojans are falsified programs that use deceiving instructions to trick users. A subset, Remote Access Trojans (RATs), even allow hackers to take remote control over computers.  


Like a virus, this type of malware multiplies to wreak havoc on a network, but it doesn’t require a user action to spread.


We often hear of malware attacks that involve ransomware or the encryption of data that requires payment or a “ransom.” These are generally in the form of trojans or worms. Unfortunately, victims are often left with locked files even when payments are made.
Other types of malware include adware (an attempt to redirect to dangerous advertising), malvertising (infiltrating admissible advertisements with a harmful redirect), botware or a Denial of Service attack (DDoS) (a hack that turns a computer into a “zombie computer” in order to take control), and various hybrid forms.

How to Prevent Malware Attacks

If you’re struggling with how to prevent malware, you can take a powerful step towards keeping your information safe by installing firewalls and antivirus programs. You should also regularly update your security and operating systems to maintain protection.
Other ways to prevent malware attacks:
  • Avoid clicking on or sharing suspicious or unusual links, files, images, emails, websites etc.
  • Create strong passwords and multi-factor identification requirements.
  • Use secure networks only (avoid public Wi-Fi.)
  • Install a protected file sharing system.
In a business setting, if you are an employee who notices something suspicious amid your computer activity, report it right away to management or your information technology department.

Malware Prevention Specialists

Cybersecurity is front of mind at Gold Comet. When you need professional assistance, our team of malware prevention specialists are available to set up strategies that will help keep your information and data private. Our team are highly-experienced and can offer solutions that support your home or business’s technology network. For more information on our services, contact us today.  

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