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Release Notes

Release 1.2

· Improved user interface.

· Implemented email address validation.

· Provided ability to sort contacts.

· Implemented organizational domain name handling.

Release 1.3

· Implemented welcome (verification) message sent on sign-up.

· Implemented “Resend Authentication code” button.

· Provided ability to receive notifications (and authorization codes) to both external email and mobile phone (text).


Release 1.4

· Provided organizational control of user access to contact lists.

· Added organization field to contact list.

· Implemented auto-population of all organizational contact information.


Release 1.5

· Implemented user control of new message notification alerts.

· Changed “Sync” button to “Get Mail”.

· Resolved issue with dropped recipients.


Release 1.6

· Updated inactivity timeout to 60 minutes.

· Implemented ability for admin to send informational messages to all users.

· Implemented session management to inhibit multiple concurrent logins.


Release 1.7

· Removed active links from email addresses in To, CC and From lines.

· Provided an account for organizational compliance to capture all messages (encrypted) sent and received within the Gold Comet system.


Release 1.8

· Enhanced notification messages for received messages.

· Updated to require confirmation (re-entry) of passphrase when changing.

· Enhanced contact management.

· Allow deletion of messages sent or received with a different passphrase (after change).

· Enhanced email address validation.

· Resolved “wrapping” of recipients in To: and CC: lines.

· Provided organizational (admin) control of user password changes.


Release 1.9

· Simplified account renewal.

· Implementation of enhanced control of Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) processing.

· Implementation of at least one TFA/notification device preference requirement.

· Resolved encryption process handling of non-printable/hidden characters.


Release 1.10

· Provided the ability to allow user to change their email name.

· Provided the ability to move addresses between domains.


Release 1.11

· Provided organizational administrators control of user contact lists.


Release 1.12

· Provided organizational administrators the capability to import users.

· Provided organizational administrators the capability to import contacts.


Release 1.13

· Added user notification that administrator has changed their password and require user to change password on first login after change.

· Provided organizational capability to set and enforce password change interval.

· Added display of last user login on user screen in administrative portal.


Release 1.14

· Added the capability to use organization distribution lists.


Release 1.15

· Added the capability for organizational administrators to run management reports.


Release 1.16

· Provided organizational, and where appropriate Gold Comet, notification of users added in excess of contractual limitations.

· Provided the capability to control organizational user account limitations and allow updates to those limitations to be applied via a license key.


Release 1.17

· Enhanced user interface.

· Provided message filtering by sender, date, read/unread status, and/or subject.

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