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Over 60% of organizations suffered a security breach in the past 12 months.

A new report from Forrester Research reveals that 63% of organizations have suffered at least one breach in the past 12 months. The 2021 State Of Enterprise Breaches report also found that the number of breaches and the cost of breaches varied depending on the geographic location of the business and how much incident-response preparation the organization has in place.

The average organization in North America required 38 days to find, eradicate, and recover from a breach. However, companies with a lack of incident-response preparation took 62 days. The cost reflected this, with the average North American company paying $3 million to recover from a breach but an ill-prepared company paying $4 million.

“Having defined steps written down, known, and tested prior to an incident, along with an incident response retainer, speeds response time and improves completeness of response. Preparedness is crucial in this effort, especially when recovery is measured in days,” the report stated.

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