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Gold Comet's patented, encrypted messaging system can help you keep your information safe and secure. You can be assured of privacy in all of your communications:

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Communications with
Friends and Family

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Health Information

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Legal Information

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Quick and Easy

Gold Comet makes it easy to start your encrypted communications now. Quick and easy browser based messaging system at a very reasonable cost.

Access Anywhere

Gold Comet works on all devices, making it easy to communicate securely from any location. 

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Encrypted Messaging

Gold Comet is safe and secure. A patented, dynamic encryption method protects your data at rest and in transit, helping you secure your most valuable information.

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Gold Comet for Personal Use

Web, mobile & desktop access

Annual Fee

5GB Storage per account $44.98

10GB Storage per account $54.98

Physical Security

Your information is stored on cutting edge hardware at a FISMA High rated data center located in the U.S.

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Gold Comet
works on all devices

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256 Bit Encryption

Gold Comet does not have access to your passphrase or your encrypted information. All of your information is encrypted using a patented dynamic key system and 256 bit encryption.