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Gold Comet
For Personal Use

For privacy and protection of your
personal and confidential information.

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Why Choose  Gold Comet?


Gold Comet is a quick and easy browser-based email messaging system at a very reasonable cost.


Gold Comet works on all devices, making it easy for you to communicate securely from any location. 


Gold Comet protects your data at all times, helping you secure your private messages and files.

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Gold Comet for Personal Use is designed for individuals who want to ensure that only people within your own authorized network (whitelist) can send, receive, and share confidential information. As a Gold Comet Personal Network POC, you can exchange information with the assurance of ultra-level protection within the Gold Comet Secure Cloud, ensuring your personal and private information will never fall into the wrong hands.

How Gold Comet Works for Personal Use

1. Gold Comet uses a patented process to protect your email account from unwanted access by hackers and other intruders.

2.  Gold Comet uses a multi-factor authentication process for account access.  You will create a unique username, password, and passphrase to access your account. 

3. Most popular email programs encrypt the entire account and all its contents with just one key. Once that key is broken, your whole account is at risk. Gold Comet encrypts every email and every file attachment with its own encryption key. This means even if a hacker somehow manages to break a key, which is highly unlikely, only that one message would be compromised. All other messages and files in your account remain intact.


4. Gold Comet is completely US-based, unlike most other messaging systems. All of your messages and files remain within the Gold Comet Secure Cloud so there is no possibility of files or data fragments being lost or discarded on foreign servers.

5. Gold Comet uses a whitelist, an authorized list of contacts, for sending and receiving messages. You can only send to or receive from a person who is on your contact list -- and you must also be on your contacts' whitelists. Messages that come from outside senders are rejected, therefore, you never receive any spam or other unwanted communications.

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Personal Use Cases

Email, File Storage and Sharing
Personal Messaging and Collaborations
Reviewing and Signing Legal Documents
Receiving and Submitting Tax Documents
Sending and Receiving Healthcare Information

As a Gold Comet Personal Network POC, you can create your own proprietary communication network. Gold Comet offers a number of pricing packages from basic individual accounts to full business enterprise networks that include access accounts for additional members. You may, for example, set up a network that includes your spouse, physician, tax advisor, and/or family members. Your network members will then be able to communicate with you via secure email, store files, and work collaboratively via shared files and folders. Your members will also be able to set up networks of their own for personal or business use.

Start Securing Your Personal Communications Today!

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