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Working from Home

Gold Comet For Personal

For privacy and protection of your personal information.

Family Communication

Messaging & Emails

Health Information

Legal Information

Doing Homework

Protecting Your Personal Assets And Private Communications.

Gold Comet's patented, encrypted messaging system can help you keep your information safe and secure. You can be assured of privacy in all of your communications.

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Why Choose Us?


Gold Comet is a quick and easy browser based messaging system at a very reasonable cost.


Gold Comet works on all devices, making it easy to communicate securely from any location. 


Gold Comet protects your data at rest and in transit, helping you secure your most valuable information.

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Start Securing Your Personal Communications Today!

For help with an existing Gold Comet account, email our support team at:


For general questions about Gold Comet, contact us via email at:

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