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What do you need to know about the Gold Comet Messaging System?

To help eliminate SPAM and other unwanted messages, Gold Comet utilizes a "white list" methodology. Gold Comet users can only send and receive messages from persons in their Contacts list. For example, if John wants to send Tom a message John must have Tom saved as a contact and Tom must have John saved as a contact. If a message is received from someone not on the Contacts list, the Gold Comet user never sees the message. All Gold Comet messages and attachments are stored within our encrypted servers and viewed from your device. All Gold Comet Messages are 256-bit encrypted in motion and at rest and stored using our patented, dynamic key pair.

How do you send messages to other Gold Comet Messaging users?

You send messages just like you do with an email account. When sending a message to another Gold Comet user, your message is sent to their Gold Comet Messaging Account and never leaves the encrypted servers. The recipient is allowed to view and download attachments.

What happens when you use your Gold Comet Messaging account to communicate with someone who does not use Gold Comet for messaging or emails?

For the Gold Comet user, you log in to your account and add the intended recipient as one of your contacts. Once you add them as a contact, you will be prompted to develop a Challenge Question and Answer for that guest user. Once you have completed these steps, you then create a message like you normally would. Your messages remain encrypted inside the Gold Comet system and never leave the secure environment. 

The guest user will receive an email from Gold Comet with a link and a temporary password to create a guest account. Once the recipient clicks the link, they will be prompted to enter their user ID (which is their email address) and the password which is provided in the email. In addition, the guest user must enter a Passphrase, which is the answer to the Challenge question at the bottom of the original email.  Once these three steps are complete, the guest user will then be prompted to change the temporary password. This completes the guest user account setup. 

Once the guest user has created a temporary account, they will be taken to their guest Inbox where they can view their messages. The guest user is granted temporary secure access to view their message. The message stays encrypted on the Gold Comet server and never resides on the recipient’s device, ensuring the security of your messages. 

A guest user cannot download messages or attachments from Gold Comet to their device.

The guest user's temporary account allows them access to messages for 30 days. After 30 days, the account is terminated and the messages are no longer available.

Guest users must return to the original email or type in their browser to gain access to their guest account.

A visual depiction of how our secure messaging system works can be seen below:

Visual Outline of How Gold Comet Works