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How It Works

A Unique, Patented Encryption System

Encrypted Protection On All Messages & Every Attachment

Patented 256-Bit Encryption

Every email message is stored securely in an encrypted format, which only the intended recipient (the email inbox owner) can open and access. Gold Comet increases email security by reducing the otherwise inherent security risks caused by the storage of large amounts of message data.

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Gold Comet's Patented Protection

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Zero-trust Communications System

  • Whitelisted communications

  • Secure user authentication

  • Secure point-to-point transmission of electronic data

  • Robust and secure dynamic encryption algorithm

  • Secure key management and data storage

  • Secure audit controls

  • Limited administrator access

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1. Gold Comet protects every email account from unauthorized system administrator snooping and access, and illegal access to email data by hackers

  • always uniquely encrypts every email message and attachments,

  • separates the encryption/decryption keys from the email message 


2. Every message uses two or more algorithms to encrypt the email message body and attachments. Additionally, it requires each mail recipient’s password and passphrase to open and access.


3. All network communications between servers implementing Gold Comet use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure secure private data transmission.

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