The privacy of your messages is paramount at Gold Comet. This focus on privacy is what makes Gold Comet Messaging different from other encrypted email or messaging services. Gold Comet messaging uses industry standard advanced encryption algorithms, but rather than rely on a single account-wide Private/Public key as other encryption services do, Gold Comet Messaging uses a patented process that assigns each individual message its own unique key. Having a single use, unique key means that even if an individual message is compromised, no other messages related to an account would be visible to the hacker. 

Gold Comet Messaging goes even further by limiting the emails you can receive to those you have placed on your contacts list. If you receive an unsolicited email, the Gold Comet Messaging system disintegrates the message before it reaches your inbox. This capability helps to prevent spam, phishing and other unwanted communications from ever reaching your inbox.

Secure Messaging

Gold Comet Messaging allows you complete control over the information you share. All communications and attachments are encrypted both at rest and in transit using industry standard 256 bit encryption. 

When an outside recipient receives a Gold Comet Message, they are asked a challenge question provided by the sender of the Gold Comet Message. Once they have correctly answered the challenge question, the recipient can follow a link back to Gold Comet Messaging where they are provided with a temporary, limited capability account where they can view the message in PDF form. The recipient’s temporary account is good for 30 days and only allows them to respond to the sender of the original message. After 30 days, the recipient’s temporary account is de-activated and they are no longer eligible to use a temporary account.

US Based

Unlike many of our competitors, Gold Comet Messaging is based in the United States and all of your information is stored in a FISMA (Federal Information Security Modernization Act) High rated facility, also located in the United States. A FISMA High facility meets federal requirements for power and communications redundancy as well as stand-off distance from public access.

No Advertising

Gold Comet values your privacy. We do not sell or provide your information to third parties and we do not sell advertising within the Gold Comet environment.

Personal Use          Business Use