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Email is an indispensable business tool in today’s modern world.  Whether it be for internal or external communications, email has become the primary way we relay information to each other. There has never been a greater need for email security than exists today, as it seems that people who wish to do harm in this area are busier than ever coming up with more sophisticated ways to breach firewalls, infect systems and gain unauthorized access to confidential information.  

What Is Email Security?

Email security is the development and deployment of complex technology, designed to guard businesses against unauthorized access, spam, malware and phishing attacks. The most common access point into an email system is the use of illegitimate and deceptive messages that encourage recipients to click on attachments, reveal information or open hyperlinks that immediately install malware on devices.

Email Security Statistics

All companies, regardless of their industry or size can fall victim to email system attacks. To illustrate the seriousness of these security issues, here are some alarming statistics about the threats that all businesses face on a daily basis.    

  • Spear Phishing

    This type of cyber attack could be considered the worst kind, as it tricks the recipient into believing that the emailer is a known acquaintance or a familiar brand. Experts estimate that spear phishing grew by 55% over the past 12 months and will continue to be a major threat.   
  • New Malware Creation

    More than 300 million new pieces of malware were created in 2018, which averages out to over 1 million per day. Thieves are far outpacing the business community’s ability to defend themselves and there is no letup in sight.  

Email Security Best Practices

Eliminating attacks on your company’s email system isn’t easy, but here are some great tips on how to help avoid problems.

  • Restricting Available Information

    Attackers need your employees’ email addresses in order to launch their offensive against your company. Avoid publishing email contact information publicly, except when absolutely necessary.
  • Warn Employees About Links & Attachments

    Make sure your people remain very suspicious about emails with attachments or links from senders that they don’t know. Teach them to investigate the source of any questionable emails and above all, not to click on anything.     
  • Look At Email Addresses

    Phishing attacks often come from strange email addresses, such as those with repetitive words, a long series of numbers or uncommon domain extensions. Train your employees to look for questionable addresses that have any of these highly suspicious signs.
  • Education

    One of the most important defenses any company can have against email security attacks is an ongoing training program to educate them. By providing practical tips on what to look for should they come across an email that does not look right, they are much better prepared to avoid falling into a thief’s trap.

How Gold Comet Can Help With Your Email Security

The dedicated professionals at Gold Comet have years of knowledge and experience in the email security field and can help you protect your company against attacks, now and into the future. Our patented encryption system is designed to protect your information 24/7/365, while dormant or when email servers are in use. Gold Comet’s encrypted messaging system is browser based, which makes it extremely simple to be access from anywhere. The best thing about Gold Comet is that your valuable information never leaves our highly secure servers, even when communicating with outside parties.

Contact us today to learn more about how Gold Comet can protect your company’s most important information from even the best of 21st Century thieves.

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How it Works

Gold Comet Messaging is based on a patented process that assigns each encrypted message its own unique key pair. This single use, unique key pair ensures the highest level of security for your messages. All communications and attachments are encrypted at rest and in transit.

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