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Email privacy is a broad topic dealing with unauthorized electronic mail access. Unauthorized access can occur while an email is in transit, or when emails are stored on servers and on your personal computer. In today’s cyber world, how do you know if your emails are truly private? How do you protect your communications while ensuring they remain secure once you hit “send”?

How Can Emails Be Compromised?

Today, email often goes through potentially untrustworthy intermediate computers (i.e. email servers, ISPs) before reaching its final destination. When this occurs, there is no clear way for an individual to verify if their communication was compromised by an unauthorized entity. It can be like receiving a postcard where content is visible to everyone who handles it.

How Can You Protect Your Email Privacy?

There are certain technological advances available now that make unauthorized access to email difficult. Secure messaging features should include: 

  1. Transportation Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 protocol.
  2. Industry standard 256-bit encryption
  3. Data Encryption at Rest and in Motion.
  4. Two-factor authentication identity management.
  5. Data Hosting at a FISMA High security rated facility.

​When choosing a secure messaging system, you want to use a service that easily protects your email data transmissions.  Gold Comet is that service! Gold Comet has all of the features listed above plus a patented, dynamic key pair process. Gold Comet strives to be the leader in secure communications for individuals and corporations who demand privacy and security in online communications. Learn how our secure messaging system works & why Gold Comet is the best email service for privacy on the market!

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How it Works

Gold Comet Messaging is based on a patented process that assigns each encrypted message its own unique key pair. This single use, unique key pair ensures the highest level of security for your messages. All communications and attachments are encrypted at rest and in transit.

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