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Gold Comet
For Business Use

For privacy and protection of your company's proprietary information.

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Gold Comet for Business is designed for private industry, federal agencies, and collaborative enterprise organizations requiring that only authorized partners and trusted members can access and share sensitive business information. Using Gold Comet solutions, you can send and receive encrypted messages within your network with confidence that they will never be transmitted outside the Gold Comet Secure Cloud, thus ensuring that your proprietary information never falls into the wrong hands.

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Why Choose  Gold Comet?


Gold Comet is a quick and easy browser based messaging system at a very reasonable cost.


Gold Comet works on all devices, making it easy to communicate securely from any location. 


Gold Comet protects your data at rest and in transit, helping you secure your most valuable information.

How Gold Comet Works for Business


1. All network communications between servers implement the Gold Comet use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure secure private data transmission. All data transmissions remain protected within the Gold Comet Secure Cloud.


2. Gold Comet protects your business email account from unauthorized system administrator access and illegal hacker access to email data by:

  • Always encrypting every email message and each attachment individually,

  • Separating the encryption and decryption keys from the email message.


3. Every message uses two or more algorithms to encrypt the email message body and attachments. Additionally, each mail recipient’s password and key-safe are required to open and access the message.

4. Using Gold Comet, you can safely transmit your business proprietary email messages, store business files, and collaborate via shared files with assurance that your intellectual property and privacy will not be breached.


Zero-Trust Features

  • Whitelisted communications

  • Secure user authentication

  • Secure point-to-point transmission of electronic data

  • Robust and secure dynamic encryption algorithm

  • Secure key management and data storage

  • Secure audit controls

  • Limited administrator access

Business Use Cases

Federal/Education Organizations
Legal Firms
Supply Chain/Manufacturers
Healthcare Organizations

As a Gold Comet Enterprise Network POC, you can create your own business proprietary communication network. Gold Comet offers a number of pricing packages from basic individual accounts to full business enterprise networks that include access accounts for additional members. You may, for example, set up a business enterprise network that includes your management team, board members, outsourced corporate support personnel, and staff. Your network members will then be able to communicate with you via secure email, store files, and work collaboratively via shared files and folders. Your members will also be able to set up networks of their own for personal or business use.

Start Securing Your Business Communications Today!

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