Our Team of Email Security Experts

Named one of the 12 hottest new cybersecurity startups at RSA 2020 according to CSO Online.


Gold Comet was founded by a small team of IT specialists who envisioned a method of secure communications for individuals and corporations that surpassed the security standard currently seen in online communications.

As a company proudly based in the US, we wanted all of our records to be stored in the US and not in a foreign country, subject to foreign laws.

We believe corporate officers should be able to communicate freely without the worry of their thoughts and ideas being compromised by the competition or insider threat. Phishing and whaling attempts are almost non-stop for corporate leadership and we wanted to do something about it.

Using state-of -the art equipment housed in a FISMA High rated facility, proven 256 bit encryption and our patented dynamic key pair, Gold Comet strives to be the leader in secure communications for individuals and corporations who demand privacy and security in their online communications.

Learn more about our services and how we can help secure your emails for personal use or business use or both!

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